Clutch Purse For All Occasions


The clutch is the latest fashion accessory that is seen sported by celebrities and common folks alike. They are the new ‘it’ thing in the fashion circle. The more unique the design, the better attention

Chanel Clutch

Chanel Clutch

it will grab. The designers have also taken a fancy to the clutches. All the famous designers include these in their fashion designs. Though these designer clutches are highly expensive, you can still get hold of the one that suits your taste and fits in your budget.

The clutches are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and colors. These are made using a number of materials like silk, leather, suede, sequin, velvet etc. The metal clutches in colors like black, silver, grey, golden, copper and bronze make a bold style statement. The recent trend of neon shades also finds its way in this woman’s accessory. The clutches in bright neon pink, green, blue, and yellow etc. are a sure shot way to bring alive a monochrome or a dull dress. They can be mixed and matched with a dress to make it more appealing. The neon clutches can also bring out a contrast in a pretty dress.

Dress To Empress

The wide variety they are available in, the clutches are made to suit every occasion. The many options available help to achieve the look that you want. There are clutches for formal occasions, clutches for casual occasions and then, some unique designs for party time as well. Being compact, the clutches are easy to carry and hold in the hand. Depending on their design, they offer adequate space to store your stuff required to get through the day. The make-up, mobile phone, money and little titbits can be easily kept in a clutch purse.
For a formal meeting or office lunch, one can choose a leather or suede clutch purse. It would give them a sophisticated and sharp look. Other than that, a bold color in red, beige or coral can offer a wide contrast to the dress and also make you stand out. At other formal occasions like weddings, office lunches and parties, the choices should bend more towards pastels, creams, whites, and pinks. The usual accessories are pearls, Swarovski or a crystal embellishment. The materials like silk, velvet, suede perfectly match the look. A crystal clutch purse can help you achieve the look. The sauvé look of the clutch with a small piece of embellishment gives it a formal yet relaxed appearance.
The options for casual occasions are aplenty. You can select basically, any clutch under the sun and make it work with mixing and matching with other accessories. The choice of colors, designs, embellishments, and shape can be decided in accordance with the look of the attire. Simply match your shoes, belts and other accessories with the color of your clutch and you are all set to rock the look!!

Stylish Party Handbag

The clutches for the party accessory can be as wild and bold as you wish them to be. ‘Bling’ is the word for them. Eye-catching embellishments, out of the box designs, chunky crystals, metal chains and attractive buckles are all the right ingredients for an attention capturing clutch.
Explore your options and make a fashion statement with your stylish clutch.

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