What Are Quilted Handbags

Quilted handbags are those bags that are made of 2 to 3 kinds of fabrics that are filled with paddings and stitched together to form a pattern. Fabrics used for these bags vary. Other manufacturers

Chanel Clutch

Chanel Clutch

use soft cloths like cotton, while others prefer leathers as an all-rounder. The main materials used are actually dictated by the occasion and use of the bag. Quilted leather handbags are commonly used for upscale, classy and elegant use, while the soft quilted bags like those made of cotton and other similar fabrics are used in a more casual occasion, such as hanging out with friends or having coffee in a fine afternoon.


The market’s warm reception of quilted bags relies heavily on the designs and patterns produced by stitching cottony stuff inside the two fabrics. As such, the mechanical act of stitching the designs becomes the deciding part of the quality and aesthetics of the output. These designs and patterns are barely hand-stitched, especially if the manufacturer uses materials like leather. Sewing machines are the best tools to maintain accuracy, uniformity and balance on the patterns.
The symmetrical and accurate patterns produced through stitching have been utilized to accentuate natural and elegant designs for the lady’s bags. The uniform patterns exude femininity and, together with the perfect choice of fabric, add a certain class to whoever carries one.

Big names in the fashion industry such as Chanel and other designer bags have made fortune producing the most elegant quilted bags. Quilted bags had actually grown to become a category in itself. Whether it is a red carpet premiere or simply going out on private occasions, A-list celebrities were seen completing their dash through different quilted handbags made by the most popular names in the fashion industry. Though quilted leather handbags are more common, those made of cotton and soft fabrics are also present in the market.

Some of Top Quilted Handbags Designers

  • Saint Laurent
  • Chanel
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Michael Kors
  • Miu Miu

Quilted handbags are ageless and classic. The diamond-shaped designs common to leather quilted bags have been around for decades and had never lost its appeal both to present and the new generations. Indeed, this kind of bags is just one of the few things that can be used by anyone regardless of whether they are in their 20s or 40s.

Because of its popularity, manufacturers are becoming more and more creative in designing the patterns that will be used for their next collection. The more complicated the design is, the better. It is also due to its popularity that trendsetters have found a way to reinvent quilted handbags and give it an all-around aura that ladies may use on whatever occasion.

Today, manufacturers are being more creative by coming with new and unique designs trying to capture the hearts of the ladies. The thing about quilted leather handbags is its simplicity and durability. Those diamond patterns seen in almost all brands of quilted handbags have found the perfect combination of simple yet elegant, structurally complicated yet functional fashion piece that almost every woman will look for. Indeed, a woman’s fashion line is never complete without that piece of handbag.

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