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There might be several reasons why you are looking for the best place to purchase wholesale handbags. Mostly it is the retailers who need a constant supply of high-quality purses that can be purchased for their store.

Quality and designs are the primary concern when you have to choose the right wholesaler as customer look for the same. Once the reputation of a wholesaler diminished with an inferior quality product, regaining it would be rather difficult. Retailers go wild in their search for the right wholesaler to supply them with trendy designs at the lowest price but without compromising on the quality. There are so many wholesalers, and the problem arises as many of them are scammers.

Wholesale Designer Handbags Prices

LuxuryWholesaleOnline is one of the top wholesale handbags sources whom you can trust. People do not prefer to buy non-branded products due to the quality factor and sale offers on branded goods are what customers depend upon to buy handbags.

At LuxuryWholesaleOnline, the customers can find a range of branded products including Prada, Fendi, Dolce &Gabbana and much more. You ask the name, and they will have it. And the catch here is that you do not have to pay huge sums for these designer handbags wholesale products. You can have a look at the website and find that all goods are can be sold for more 50% reduced prices than the retail prices. Being a retailer, you can get a profit of 50% on your stocks.

Many retailers sell at sale prices whereby they gain more profits by an increased quantity of sales as women are always looking out for ways to save money buying discounted stocks.

Lowest Price Guarantee

You might be wondering how the wholesaler can give the product at such low prices. You might have often noticed that the price of the non-branded goods of even the superior quality is very much lower than the branded ones. It is because they pass through several levels before reaching the final customers. The company also defines its price based on this rundown. The designer factory manufacturer’s the product which moves to the suppliers and from there it goes to the jobbers to take it out to the wholesalers from whom it is taken up by the retailers. You can imagine that such a 4-5 level can add a good deal of profit at each step, and it eventually costs the end customers.
Wholesale Designer Handbags Prices

Connections with Best Sources

LuxuryWholesaleOnline has been into wholesale business for over 14 years and through this time they have built a healthy relationship with suppliers and agents to cut down the average costs. The members are directly linked to these suppliers and therefore the price then reduced ten times what it normally sold. Unlike most other wholesalers, LuxuryWholesaleOnline does not require you to hold a wholesaler license to pick up the goods at wholesale prices. You do not even have to buy in bulk, so those retail buyers who are lucky enough to reach LuxuryWholesaleOnline can get their access into the Member area to connect with their favorite supplier to buy some fabulous designer handbags at less than wholesale prices. Most retail buyers come back to get more stuff for their friends and family and some even end up with making profits from the resale.
You wouldn’t believe that some of the top stores like Saks and Bloomingdales also purchase from the same sources. LuxuryWholesaleOnline has built their sources from trade shows and by having meetings with the top sources of branded goods in the country and abroad.

  • Beware of Scammers on Google

    Now you might be thinking that you can easily get to the website of the sources directly. It is not easy as it seems to be as they cannot be found on Google unless you know the actual name of the company. The problem is that many people end up in the hands of fraudsters who publicize their websites to get to the top of Google to lure people of their money. Do not resort to such things as the loss could be huge and even very cheap products will eventually cause you more harm than the money lost.

  • Updated Stocks

    The wholesale sources provided by LuxuryWholesaleOnline can be your one spot shopping location for all branded goods like purses, designer handbags wholesale, sunglasses, clothes, accessories, and shoes. All the styles and models are the latest trend, and there are no lagging old designs in stock.

  • Authentic Goods

    Please, note that these are not replicas like the ones you find at most stores that claim to sell branded stuff at low prices. Knock-off comes in all different qualities and the sources at LuxuryWholesaleOnline sell only branded authentic stuff with the proper dust bags, boxes, and certificates. You can find at the website of the sources that most of them offer money-back guarantee and satisfaction. These promises are a proof of the authenticity of the products sold.

How to Register with LuxuryWholesaleOnline

LuxuryWholesaleOnline works like a community of the best sources for branded goods and the buyers for the same. The buyers are mostly retailers; there are also wholesalers and even direct customers. In the absence of bulk purchase requirements with most suppliers, it makes it possible for clients to get access to a wide range of goods at much lower prices. Customers can easily stack up to their wardrobes with unique wholesale handbags from top-notch brands at the lowest ever prices. No wholesaler license requirements are making it possible for work-at-home moms to find an earning source by selling stuff at reasonable prices. The options are numerous and the way to reach there is rather easy.

Anyone can get access to a multitude of supplier sources and their websites with a minimal amount of $9.95, and you will have an enjoyable shopping experience. The payment can be made using the online payment gateway. The amount is minuscule when compared to the access you get and how well it will benefit your business. If you consider the travel expense of going to the markets and finding the right supplier for your goods, and then the transportation troubles accompany. With online sources, you can simply surf through the stores and pick only those designs that are in demand in your shop and sell at good prices so that customers come back for more.

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