Known today for its designer style and fantastic quality leather goods FRYE’s history is a rich one that started back in 1863 in Marlboro, MA. From the get go, this company was all about craftsmanship, and they were responsible for creating some of the best leather goods out there even in today’s day and time. Back in those times, leather was common and used for everything, but the shoes and the boots that came out of the FRYE store were pieces of art that quickly developed by Mr. John A Frye.

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The Frye Company

As (what we know today as simply FRYE) got his feet off the ground, Marlboro’s main exports were shoes and boots. As such, The Frye company helped contribute to this export and won in return fame and an excellent quality reputation. Within the 1890s, this company was one of the most popular and lucrative ones in the entire country.
When the industrial revolution rolled into town, the Frye company was one of the first ones to get on the grid of electricity due to its big demand and large clientele base. At this point, the company was into its second generation of leadership and was doing great by catering to the needs of the client that were coming to the shop.


One of the big developments in the early 1920s was the Goodyear Welt, which allowed for a sturdy and fashionable boot to be made using a machine. When the boot incorporated into The Frye Company’s designs, its popularity shot up even more. From the 1930s through to the 1990s, The Frye Company focused on mostly boots, first in cowboy boots, then boots for the soldiers in WWII, and then in fashion boots as the years climbed higher.

In the 2000s, The Frye Company broke into the modern age with the launch of its first website that allowed for clients to find their “must have” products online, adding, even more, clientele to its list of fans. 2011 was an outstanding year for the Frye Company, SoHo, and NYC was the location for the first flagship shop to open and more openings quickly followed those. The years after showed the designer fashion in women’s as well as men’s on the runway at Fashion Weeks as well as in magazines and on the red carpet. New shops were opening up everywhere and, while it had changed a lot since its creation in 1863, The Frye Company had stayed true to its origins of quality work and design that meant a lot for the “everyday man/woman.”

In 2016, The Frye Company got a facelift to match the demographic better, shortening its name to just “FRYE” and getting a modern and fashionable look and feel that proved its place in the world as we know it today. While FRYE’s got a lot of history under its belt, it has ridden out the hard times and is still here and ready to bring fashionable goods to all those in the future.

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