FRYE Melissa Satchel Handbag

Handbags mean something different to us all, whether it’s the very definition, how we use them, or which style that we enjoy using the most. The one thing that we can all agree on, however, is the fact that they are perfect for anyone who is looking to have an enjoyable fashion statement that means they are going to be the star of the show. If you want high class, classic, and comfort in one popular package, this FRYE Melissa Satchel Handbag might be the perfect option for everyone who wants a little of everything. Here we go.


This satchel is perfectly sized for those who want a medium sized handbag. It’s 14.5” x 9” in width and height, respectively, so it’ll fit most of your belongings without a problem but also makes sure jimla730361_lgthat you aren’t stuck with a bag that is too big for your comfort or needs when it comes to going out and about. A handbag made from a luxurious, silky smooth leather that will hold up over time and keep that glossy look that you love and enjoy seeing in your quality designer handbags.

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• Classic look and feel
• Comfortable in three positions
• Secure zipper
• Compartmentalized
• Removable shoulder strap


• Not quite big enough for work
• Marks quickly

Reviewers who have bought this bag found that the look and feel were so appealing that it quickly became their favorite. Combine that with the fact that is modern and looks great with anything that you want to pair it with, and you’ve got a winner without even trying. The shoulder strap, removable for maximum convenience is perfect for over one shoulder or cross body. As such, it makes for a great “all day, everyday” option. Compartments that’s perfectly sized for all of your needs.

This leather bag, while perfect for fitting in most computers, is not quite big enough for work, which was a concern to some reviewers. It can hold a computer and other accessories but combined with all of the things you would need; it made the bag just a little too small. Another downfall for some was the fact that the bag would mark easily (sharp fingernails, a cat’s claw, etc.). The marks will age with the leather and make it a great piece down the road as well as for the moment.

If you are looking for an everyday handbag that can be worn three ways and is still guaranteed to keep your belongings secure with a reliable and easy to use a zip-up bag. It made it a great option for those who wanted a medium sized bag for shopping or a vacation somewhere.

Our Verdict

The bottom line on this FRYE Melissa Satchel Handbag is that it is a great option that can hold a computer and accessories and still makes a good solid bag. It can be worn comfortably three ways and makes an excellent high-quality handbag for anyone who loves leather.


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