FRYE Melissa Shoulder Handbag

Fashion is all about holding onto something that you feel proud of. It means you have to feel a strong connection with what you have on your arm: a bond. Silly, maybe, but all of those who understand how to appreciate fashion know this. So, how does this FRYE Melissa Shoulder Handbag line up in comparison to the competition out there? Its quite well, as it turns out.


FRYE handbags made from a high-quality leather material. This beautiful shoulder bag is all about getting your high fashion work attitude going. It’s a large size bag that will allow you to fit all of your belongings into while still making sure that you look great from all angles. If you want a work bag that can double as an “all day” bag, this is definitely a great hybrid option to check out. With sturdy hardware and straps that will hold perfectly to the curve of your shoulder or the crook of your arm, you can have a fresh style each day, if you choose to.

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• Sturdy
• Great storage options
• Lightweight
• High-quality materials


• Not a typical “designer” brand
• Sometimes too large for those who are expecting a purse

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As you can probably imagine, what are “cons” to some, are “pros” to others, and vice versa. Regarding the cons that you see here, provided by reviewers, they are easily seen in positive lights if you are looking at it correctly. First of all, when it comes to “designer” brand, those bags with the big names have huge price tags that don’t allow for everyone to be able to afford them. So that can be seen as a bad thing to many as a result. This bag is affordable, yet still very high quality and stylish bag.

When it comes to the size of the bag, it simply comes down to knowing what you want. If you’re looking for a “carry all” bag that you can toss things into and know they’ll be there, this is a great option. If you want a more organized handbag that you can take shopping, maybe this isn’t the best choice. So, you simply have to decide what you are looking for.

The perfect situation for this leather handbag is an affordable, high-quality shoulder bag that can double as a briefcase or work bag in a flash. It has a sturdy magnetic closure so that you can easily access your belongings without the trouble of zippers or other restrictive closures. It’s perfect for those who commute and want to look fashionable all in one breath.


A great carry-all option if you are looking for an affordable version of some of the top designer styles regarding look, feel, and quality materials. Perfect for work, a catch-all style, or any combination of these things. The perfect, budget-friendly accessory for the classy lady on the way to work or a walk to the town.


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