Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Satchel

If you are searching for the finest bag in today’s market, there is an extensive collection of handbags you can choose. Unfortunately, not all brands will offer you something that will meet all your needs. But, don’t lose hope as Kate Spade is here to provide you a bag that will surely make a huge difference, regardless of your personal preferences when it comes to bags. One of the bags that you can consider from Kate Spade is its New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel.

Product Description

Kate Spade always believes that the start of every extraordinary adventure and outfit begins with an ideal handbag that allows you to get carried away. Meet Kate Spade New York Cedar Street

Maise Satchel. It is a bag that will allow you to go anywhere, take everything that will blend or match with your favorite style.
When compared to other bags in the market, it is fitted with a removable and adjustable cross-body strap as well as crosshatched leather in a spectrum of sunny hues. This sleek style transitions seamlessly from work to weekend and will back again to its classic elegance and clean-lined shape.

Product Features

• Adjustable or removable cross-body strap
• 11.25 inches wide and 20.75 inches top drop
• Its top handle is consist of leather satchel that features embossed logo at metallic and front feet.
• It is nine inches high.
• It comes with polyester lining and zipper closure.
• It is also 100% leather.

Materials Used

• 14k light gold plated hardware
• Crosshatched leather with a matching trim
• Custom weaved caroleena spade dot linings


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About Kate Spade

Established in the year 1993 with six simple handbags. After 15 years, a revolution of handbag happened. Because of this, to make a difference, Kate Spade made bags with playful and wit sophistication. Today, it offers a world of different products. A strong sense of a passion for color and personal style is what made Kate Spade collection unique. Kate Spade also continues to find inspiration daily, and its elegance brings an exuberant and graceful approach to living and style.

The Good

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel offers lots of advantages. One of its main benefits is that this is very versatile. Whatever your preferred style or outfit, you can be assured that this bag will match your daily style. It is also available at an affordable price, which will match your budget. In fact, this could even help you enjoy savings, especially if your chosen store offers it with discounts.

The Bad

Some buyers have concerns about the quality of Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel. But, it’s not true all products of Kate Spade are of high quality. So, if you want to get an original and quality made Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel, you should choose the best and right store online or locally to get the most out of this exceptional bag.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Kate Spade, New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel is highly recommended for everyone who wishes to have a bag like no other.


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