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Short History of Louis Vuitton

LV imageBack in 1854, Louis Vuitton decided to design and introduce flat-bottom luggage trunks made from Trianon canvas. Due to its unique appearance, it has become a favorite of Empress Eugenie, making the brand as a the luggage choice of those who belong to the upper class. Then, in 1867, the company gained recognition and won a bronze medal at the World Exposition that was held in Paris, and its influence began spreading beyond France.

The first overseas store in London was opened in the year 1885, and during his father’s death in 1892, he decided to start a campaign with an aim of building a worldwide corporation, which went well. A year after, the brand entered the US market, and its signature Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas was first released in 1896, which became the brand’s iconic symbol ever since.

The History of Styles

  • 1930: The first Louis Vuitton designer bag– the Keepall bag, was introduced in the market.
  • 1930: Louis Vuitton also created the Alma bag– a custom order that’s originally made as Coco Chanel. Its original name was “Champs of Elysees,” but the creator decided to use “Alma” instead, in honor of the Alma Bridge in London.
  • 1932: The Noe bag was introduced, and it was all because a champagne producer asked LV to create a fully customized bag that’s capable of holding six bottles of champagne.
  • 1965: Famous Hollywood star, Audrey Hepburn, made a very special request. That is, to create a smaller version of the Keepall, and it’s now known as no other than “Speedy 25.”
  • 1966: The launch of Papillon.
  • 2007: Neverfull was presented. It has been considered as one of the most successful LV bags.

The Monogram Canvas

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas was an original design of George Vuitton– the son of Louis Vuitton, in 1896. During that period, there were a lot of counterfeiters


Monogram Canvas

, and to foil them, he decided to create a canvas with bold graphics, and he used patterns that could be recognized almost instantly. The one-of-a-kind pattern is made up of flowers, and the interlaced Louis Vuitton initials– a universal and timeless symbol. George based this pattern on the Japanese and Oriental designs during the Victorian era. As for the original monogram fabric, it was made of long-lasting vinyl coated canvas. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas has always been connected with high-end cowhide leather.

The Quality

  • Practically Indestructible
    True bag lovers wouldn’t need any explanation about this. In fact, even those who don’t classify themselves as LV fans, would still agree that Louis Vuitton bags are well made, especially the traditional styles. Aside from that, in cases where a bag would need some form of repair, you can easily ask Vuitton to service it for you.
  • Don’t Like Monogram? There Are Other Choices
    Although monogram canvas is the most popular and widely known LV material, there are still a number of choices available. Epi and Damier leather are just some of the popular materials that you could choose.


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Why People Love Louis Vuitton

There’s a number of reasons why a lot of ladies prefer Louis Vuitton among other designer bags, and here are some of those:

It’s a Timeless Classic
It was Audrey Hepburn who introduced the Monogram Speedy 25 LV, and since then, it has been very popular. It gives the aura of being fashionable and stylish no matter what the latest trend is.

It will never go out of style, since these bags are highly regarded in the world of fashion. It will always be relevant, and you will never have to worry about carrying an outdated style of bag.

Made from High-Quality Materials
LV bags are crafted from the finest quality of materials one could ever find. Likewise, considering the fact that monogram canvas bags are high quality, that means you’ll be able to keep them for generations to come, unless purposely destroyed. If something gets damaged, they can easily be repaired, and they’ll always look good as new.

Perfect for Any Woman’s Wardrobe
LV bags come in different sizes– from petite to large, and for those who would rather not wear their bag on their arm, could opt for a cross-body strap and this would keep the hands free. Although most brand purists would be against using the cross-body strap, it has been one of the best and modern ways to wear an LV bag as a messenger bag.

Gaining Value Over Time
Unlike vehicles that usually depreciate in value after being used a lot, designer bags are different– they actually gain more value over a period of time. In fact, the value of a Louis Vuitton bag is determined by the year it was made. This could be compared to buying a stock in a company. After some time, you’ll discover that your investment is getting more and more valuable.

Great Value for Money
Last, but definitely not least, even though it’s a designer bag, it’s one of the very few brands that says ‘style’ and could instantly make anyone look fashionable and fantastic at a very reasonable price.

You could get a Speedy Bag for $775, but it could also go up to $3,000. This can be a good investment in terms of designer bags.

What Women Have to Say

An LV bag is a versatile bag that can be worn in two styles– the cinched in side style for a formal look, while cinched in to make it a little more casual. Aside from that, it also has a lot of space, but just enough for a woman’s need– definitely not a big handbag. One can fit a number of things inside this bag, and easily find them whenever they’re needed. Though, despite its capacity, it cannot be a travel bag. It’s a bag that’s ideal for work, school, and definitely shopping.

A lot of women prefer the monogram type, especially those who lives in a humid country where it rains a lot. As for maintaining the bag, it’s very low maintenance, that even when it gets dirty, it’s very hard to tell. Likewise, there’s no need to worry about the clothes you wear, because it easily matches whatever style you choose.

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